This evaluation provides students with objective and clinical data to determine the presence of an attention deficit disorder. A diagnostician conducts the evaluation with input from a licensed clinical psychologist. Instruments used are norm-referenced and include standardized testing, continuous performance testing, behavior rating scales and a clinical interview.

Purpose of ADD/ADHD Evaluations:
• Provide physicians and parents with specific data to confirm the presence of ADD/ADHD in order to formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

Each ADD/ADHD evaluation includes:
• Clinical interview with Clinical Psychologist for parents and student
• Extensive written report with interpretation and summary of each assessment
• Diagnosis of the condition based on the clinical findings, if applicable
• Individualized recommendations designed to address the students needs

The diagnostician will also meet with the parents to review the results of the evaluation and discuss the diagnosis and resulting instructional recommendations for home and school.

Fee for ADD Diagnostic Evaluation $800
Psychologist Fee-Clinical Interview $200