We have been selected to provide admissions testing for specific schools in the North Dallas area. These tests are NOT diagnostic, but provide the schools with an objective measure of students overall learning potential and current academic abilities.

Testing Includes:
• Evaluation of a students overall learning potential utilizing an age appropriate intellectual test.
• Kindergarten applicants, the assessment will include a measure of Kindergarten Readiness skills, as well as early reading concepts and math problems solving abilities.
• First grade applicants are administered an assessment of their early reading skills and math problems solving abilities.
• Older applicants are given an age appropriate reading comprehension, oral reading fluency and math problem-solving assessment.

Steps to Take:
• Complete and return the Admission Evaluation Questionnaire to your school. The paperwork can be found in the school’s Admission paperwork.
• The Admissions Questionnaire will be forwarded to our office by the school’s admissions office. Once the form is received in our office, the diagnostician assigned to your child will contact you to schedule your appointment.
• We make every attempt to schedule testing as soon as possible after receiving your paperwork. However, during the spring and summer, appointment times book up in advance. Once the testing is complete, the results are scored and analyzed quickly. We make every attempt to send your report to the school and forward a copy to you within 48 hours after testing.

If you have a question about whether or not we have received your paperwork from the school, please email us: Admissions@graceevaluation.com

Discounted Fee for Private School Admissions Testing $350